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Almost every Thursday morning we glean food from the Food For Lane County warehouse through a program called Extra Helping.  We are allowed to take fresh produce and Nancey's dairy products from their cooler as well as bread and cases of Golden Temple cereal.  During the growing season we glean almost exclusively from the FFLC gardens wich are 100% organic and as local as you can get.  In the hight of winter the produce tends to come from an organic food distributer and may not be local to oregon though we try to stay local to the west coast.

Come to the community room on Thursday mornings and see what is available and make sure to check yourself off on the sign-in sheet.  If you don't see your name on the sheet, add it to the bottom along with your address and the number of people in your house hold that will share the food you are taking.  First name only is OK and so is a general location rather than a full address (ie: 4th and Adams).  The point of the sheet to collect stats for Food For Lane County to aid them in their pursuit of funding.

Sometimes we get unusual or an over abundance of certain vegetables so lets uses this page to post links to informational pages or recipes for these vegetables.  Let's also post our own favorite recipes or ideas for anything we like and want to share regarding food.