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House & Grounds Committee is responsible for helping to facilitate the upkeep and improvement of homes, gardens and common use areas by the General Membership. House & Grounds is not a maintenance group, therefore maintenance skills are not a pre-requisite for being on the committee. House & Grounds is dependent upon all co-op members to implement and complete projects and Yearly Tasks.

Committee Responsibilities
  • Organizes members to do work projects to maintain and upgrade EBHC property.
  • Work with members on requested physical changes in units and refer to General Membership for approval where necessary.
  • Work with office/HACSA to make units ready for "new member" inspection, when necessary.
  • Work with member/HACSA to make units ready for annual re-inspection, when necessary.
  • Facilitate the division of common garden space among interested members, as needed.
  • Maintain EBHC storage rooms, supplies and tools.
Tasks to be done by the Committee
  • Prepare annual budget for the Committee.
  • Provide oversight for expenditures from their budget without prior approval from the GM. Notify GM on a monthly basis of H&G expenditures including those expenditures incurred by individual households. (4-19-98)
Co-coordinator's Responsibilities
  • Schedule meetings and work parties.
  • Notify members by posting meeting/work parties on both laundry room doors.
  • Report to General Membership any need for members to assist the committee.
  • Provide sign-in/sign-out sheet for H & G work parties and turn in to Recorder.
  • Provide Committee reports to Management and General Membership meetings.
  • Post all minutes for meetings on laundry room doors, in newsletter, and in archive files.
  • Access key box in office for members lock out of their house. 
  • Co-coordinators can sign checks for EBHC.  (2/23/08)
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