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Work Party List 12/15/2008

Cut the tree down in the middle of the steps front of Genevas house.

Trim fruit trees.

Build gates all over.

Cut the tree down in front of Jeffs cabin.

Repair the cracks in the catchments system behind the recycling shed.

Remove Alianthus behind recycling shed, in front of Jens, in front of Cheryls, across alley from recycling shed..

Lineed oil all exterior wood, tree house, stairs, bike barn.

Put up a gutter and down spout on bike shed.

Save the world.

Put the power sander to milis handrails and coat well with tung oil. (we have got some)

Repair bottom of paint shed doors, get a lock, remove old lock if no one knows combo.

Check drainage on downspouts for townhouses and arrange surface drainage.for those that are not draining to below surface pipes.

Downspouts and drainage system for 972, check with Embyrr.

Recycle everything.

Get bids to repair todds back porch, paint porch floor after repair.

Denail and stack two by fours inside of garden gate.

Have the professional floor people come and do the dealio on the community room floor.  (ask Melanie who did it last)

Make love, not war.

Drainage, examine all drainage to ensure that liquids from the sky are draining away from our expensive foundations when they hit the terra firma.

Spray down hornet nest outside south community room door.

Sauna Specific:

Dig out hornets nest just south of sauna.

Trim Sauna window, (ask Kari about this)

Cut large limbs away from sauna.

Make solid sauna steps.

Cut overhanging tree branches at sauna tub.

Cut branches above sauna that is intertangalated in the power lines, (BE careful)

Affix lower sauna bench to the floor.

Scrape, sand, prime and paint sauna door.

Use wire fencing to close off bottom of sauna to critters. ( dig it down in dere real good)