The East Blair Housing Community Newsletter is the primary source of information flowing between Members and the Committees and with each other. The Newsletter was first published in March of 1980. The Newsletter Editor is responsible for recruiting a co-editor from the general membership and gathers articles for publication from the members. News items need to get to the Editor by the posted deadline and all Newsletters are distributed at least five days prior to the General Membership Meeting.

Purpose of the Newsletter

    • To distribute news and information about EBHC happenings to all members and other interested folks.
    • To distribute minutes of General Membership meetings and Committee Meetings as submitted by Committee co-coordinators.

Editor(s)'s Role

    • Attend all General Membership Meetings and notes items to be put on the future agenda. Works with President on future agenda items.
    • Contacts Committee Co-coordinators for news items.
    • Works with Secretaries of all committees to see that minutes of General Membership and all other meetings are transcribed and posted on both laundry room doors at (least? or most) 48 hours after the meeting.
    • Solicits additional items from members when needed.
    • Collects items from the Whiteaker Community of interest to members.
    • Is responsible for Newsletter layout and Logo.
    • Is responsible for production and distribution of the Newsletter.

Opinion Policy

    • All opinions must be in writing, signed by the writer(s) and no more than 100 words. The written opinion shall be delivered to the News Editor by at least noon, two days before the usual production day. (Does that mean deadline?)
    • All opinions shall be in one section of the Newsletter, clearly labeled as opinion, with the name(s) of those who submitted the article for printing attributed to that opinion.
    • Members in disagreement with an opinion or the policy of accepted opinions may bring their concern to the General Membership for review.
    • The Newsletter Editor is NOT to be contacted regarding opinions expressed, nor held liable for them.