EBHC is required by the Oregon State Corporate Commissioner to make known to all applicants for Membership and to all Members the types of financial risk they are being exposed to:

  • EBHC could go into default on its loans because Members do not make their payments or because of mismanagement or fraud. In this case, EBHC could be taken over by the lender, and the share-holders (Members) might be required to move out without their equity (Membership Fee) being returned.

  • If a member on the HACSA Section 8 program no longer qualifies for the program they may have to vacate the unit. Vacating the unit will depend on HACSA rules and whether the Member wishes to pay the full amount of the carrying charges.

  • The EBHC has the right to enforce the Occupancy Agreement, Policies & Procedures, and any other legally adopted rules and regulations. If a Members fails to comply with any of these documents and/or rules, EBHC has the right to enforce those Agreements and rules and terminate the Membership of any Member in violation. Termination (eviction) has to be according to the rules set down in the Occupancy Agreement.