Whitaker Hardware Supply

So I wanted to collect this info all in one spot for when people ask where should I go to get (whatever)?? Really the Whitaker does not need a big box hardware store. Save gas, shop the Whit, support the local economy, the job you save may be your own, n all that. Naw the Whit does not need a hardware store, we have all we need within walking or biking distance.


Heinkes Electric 645 Adams Street 687-8129: Heinkes has a complete electrical supply and it is like three blocks down Adams. They carry all the parts for our cadet heaters will check out ANY motors, resisters and electric gadgets for free! Shocking!

Central Lane Building Supply 1593 5th Ave 485-1522: Central Lane building Supply is just down 5th Ave near Chambers they have complete lumber supply and fasteners and (some) quality construction tools.

Plumbing Works 1704 West 6th Ave 484-9869: Plumbing Works is behind the spa showroom on the SW corner of 6th and Chambers. These good ole boys are the Plumbers Plumbers. Ask people that have been there with questions, they are truly amazing. Knowledgeable with all the plumbing parts.

Harbor Freight Tools 2165 W 7th Ave 344-2978: Harbor Freight is cheap tools cheap. You get what you pay for, sometimes a little less, nuff said.

Carson Saw Shop 650 Blair Boulevard 345-7701: Carson Saw Shop will repair and sharpen any garden tool, scissors kitchen knives, lawnmowers and chainsaws are their specialties. What big box will do that, I ask?

Eugene Bicycle Works 455 West 1st Ave 683-3397: Center for Appropriate Transport has used and new bikes and bicycle parts, used bike stuff can be recycled here, free shop time is available for members which is like 50 bux a year, they also have the widest variety of human powered contraptions available here.

St Vinnie de Pauls As Is Store 2345 West Broadway 284-5024: Don’t want to pedal 5 miles out to Bring? Try the St Vinnies “As Is” Store on West Broadway just past Garfield a block. Not in the same ball park but a ton of recycling does happen here.